This Week's Posts To Ponder

May 8, 2021

After getting off socialist media, I use an RSS feed reader to keep up with news and blogs that I want to regularly view. It’s equivalent to choosing intentionally to watch specific programs on television versus surfing channels. Over the week, I came across the following posts that I have considered worthy of pondering.

“We lost the building but kept the church.”

Canada restrictions on churches continues to grow the strength of the church. This piece is a reminder of that.

Be a Quick Thinking Ninja at the Gas Station!

What would you do if being attacked at the gas station? Here’s one thought.

One SBC President Not to Vote For

As the Southern Baptist Convention Meeting approaches, here’s one presidential candidate definitely not to vote for.

A Recap of the GraceLife Church Trial

When a government wants no accountability from its people or especially its pulpits.

Tell the Truth

This interview with Jordan Peterson is worth a look. He says, “Whatever happens as a consequence of telling the truth is the best thing that can happen.” “Our culture is predicated on the idea that truth in speech is of divine significance. It's the fundamental presupposition of our culture. If you believe that, then you act it out and you take the consequences. You're going to take the consequences one way or another, you know, so do you want the truth on your side, or do you want to hide behind falsehoods?” ~The Jordan Peterson

Eagle Snatches Toddler

Yep, you gotta see it.

The Need for Seminary Grads to Write

I found this article helpful concerning writing.

The Iranian People Refuse to Comply to their Government

It’s truly amazing here that we see Iranians acting more American than some Americans.

Where Purpose Driven Will Drive you

There’s not enough space to put all of the issues in the SBC up at this time, but this sums it up. Warren is involved in the IMB as well, and every Southern Baptist should be concerned. The good news is that many are leaving the SBC in protest against truth, so things may simply fall into place. But this is the reality of corruption, and it came from what almost every church imbibed for some time. The results are getting worse.

Now this is curious, is it not?

How do you explain this? In Haiti, one of the world's poorest countries, they don't wear masks, they don't social distance, zero vaccines have been given, and almost nobody is dying from Covid.

Practical effects of a victorious eschatology

I posted on this during the week, but it’s a great way to end this post, to keep our eyes on the fact that Christians need an eschatology of victory. This newsletter is titled after postmillenialism for a reason. I’ve found that it is practically speaking what we all hope for, and in reality what the Bible teaches, and yes, I mean in a theonomic sense. Nonetheless, even if you don’t understand these terms, take up and read Sandlin, and then get you some RJ Rushdoony, Greg Bahnsen, and Doug Wilson on the matter.