Jesus! What a Friend of Sinners!

Inspiring Hymn Attached To My Study of 2 Kings 6:1–7

I’m in 2 Kings 6:1–7 and Dale Ralph Davis turned me to a wonderful hymn that really captures what is going on in the famous Axe Head story of that chapter. In Chapter 4 through 5 of Second Kings there have been a variety of stories of Yahweh helping, saving, etc. in ever sort of emergency. So, 2 Kings 6 is a continuation of that matter. Remember that as 2 Kings 24–25 points out this book was not written until after the exile, and was compiled for exiles needing to hear certain messages about God. One of these messages was 2 Kings 6:1–7, but there were several preceding.

Elisha (a type of Christ), whose name means God is salvation, is in the words of the hymn “saving, helping, keeping, loving, he is with me to the end.” That is the message those exiles needed hear. And that may very well be the message we need today—I actually believe it is.

Well, here is the hymn to listen to it. But if you want, you can also find the hymn in the Hymns of Grace #206. This version below is one that includes part of another hymn (Come Though Long Expected Jesus) to begin with, but keep listening and be blessed, the combo goes well together.