An Eschatology of Victory Needed

Would you like to know one of the principal reasons the church is so weak, emaciated, and defeated today? Because she expects to be weak, emaciated, and defeated. The church revels in an eschatology of defeat. This is because the church revels in a protology of defeat. Right from the beginning, the church sees defeat.

I urge you to stand on the promises of the word of God. Live in victory. We’re soldiers of the cross and the resurrection. Satan’s victory is not predestined before the second advent.

Christ’s victory is predestined before the second advent (1 Cor. 15:20–27). We’re called to faithfulness and zeal and expectation, even in the face of hardship, persecution, martyrdom, and death. Yes, we might end up dying for the Faith, but the Faith will not die. The Faith will grow and grow — the small stone flung by the sovereign God at the kingdoms of this world is becoming a mountain that fills the entire earth (Dan. 2:31–45). 

The wicked are not the inheritors of God’s good world. We are the inheritors.

-Andrew Sandlin excerpt from